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You have reached the right place for Quran learning, we have well experienced and qualified teachers for you. We been doing this noble cause since 2008 and Mashallah 100’s of students have learnt Quran, Namaz and Dua’s. We have in our staff Mufti and Aalim who have completed Dars-e-Nizami course from Pakistan’s best universities like…

Quran Preaching as Online Quran Academy and its performance.

Since its incorporation, the academy was focusing on the quality teaching and tutoring of the Holy Quran online with Tajweed. Because of the fact that it is online Quran teaching, we hired well experienced and qualified Quran teachers. Finding a best Quran teacher for the Academy was the tough job. Because a quality teacher can deliver the lessons of the Quran and the Qaida in a best way. We made the following conditions for a Quran teacher to be a part of “Quran Preaching”:

1. Have Memorized the Quran.
2. Have good knowledge of Tajweed.
3. Good experience of teaching of the Holy Quran.
4. Must be able to communicate in English to teach for English speaking learners.
5. Must have pass the interview conducted at “Quran Preaching” to be a Quran tutor for kids and adults.

Teacher with such qualities can deliver maximum level of Quran tuition online. For this very reason our teachers have taught the many students in all over the world. Student form Unites States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Ireland have benefited form “Quran Preaching” online Quran Academy. We have graduates of Hifz, Qaida and Quran readers with Tajweed in numbers. AlhamduliAllah.

Lets Join Online Quran Academy for yourself and for you kids

If you want and looking for online Quran academy for yourself or for your kids, Quran Preaching is the best option for you. We have male and female Quran teachers speaking English, Arabic, Urdu and Pashto as well. You can request the following online Quran courses:

Learn Noorani Qaida Online
Read Quran with Tajwed Online
Memorize Quran online
Learn Ten Qirat Online
Ijazah Course Online
Islamic Studies for kids

You can try a free trial session and see how our teachers are delivering the lessons of the Holy Quran and how “Quran Preaching” is performing as online Quran teaching academy.

Course Outline

Learn Noorani Qaida
Quran Foundation (Basic Tajweed)
Read Quran with Tajweed
Quran Memorization Online
Islamic Studies for Kids
Quran for Beginners
Applied Tajweed Course
Learn Ten Qirat Online
Pillars of Islam & Belief System
Daily Islamic Supplications (Duain)
Online Ijazah Course
Learn Arabic Online

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